Elevate Your Communication with Our Innovative Newsletter Pro App!

Stay connected with your audience and drive engagement like never before with our cutting-edge newsletter app. Designed for businesses of all sizes, our app makes it easy to create, manage, and track beautiful newsletters that captivate your readers and grow your brand.

Own Your Data

Keep and manage your own data within your own cloud space with our email marketing solution hosted with Alpha Cloud’s managed servers. 

Send Unlimited Newsletters

A complete newsletter solutions to run email campaigns quickly, effectively and easily. Easiest way to engage your audience no matter where you are.

Custom SMTP Support

SMTP is a faster and easier way to send emails for marketing campaigns  to a contact list with  excellent deliverability so your emails don’t end up in the spam folder.

Create Marketing campaigns

With our ‘Alpha Newsletter Pro’ you have the ability to create clean, professional emails that look great and offer even better results.

Increase traffic, conversion and revenue

Increase traffic and track  the reach of your campaigns  over time. This helps you in conversion and increase revenue using ‘Alpha Newsletter Pro’.

Stop worrying about email delivery

We manage every aspect of it. The software, Server and SMTP so that you can focus on your marketing and campaings. 

Pro editor to create newsletters

Create templates  with the editor that will look good on screens of any resolution on any device. Create and send perfect emails to your audiences.

Use Custom Email Templates

You can create, edit and delete your own templates and the best part is you can compose variety of emails the easiest way possible.

Custom Contact List

You can Manage your audience, contact lists and categories from the control panel. Add, edit and delete contacts from your lists and manage them with ease.

Sent Report

Check statistics for your email campaigns from your dashboard like emails viewed, how many emails are in queue, emails sending now or emails already sent. 

Custom Domain Support

You can always ask for a custom domain name as per your requirement. We provide cloud space along with ‘Alpha Newsletter Pro’  and  subdomain with your and branding. 

Managed Secure Servers

Our servers are managed, secure and reliable. Offering cloud solutions since 2005 onward we have a proven track record of offering World Class Cloud Hosting Services. 

Create Blog Posts

We allow clients using custom domains to create and manage Blog posts. Blogs get noticed and helps driving lots of traffic using keyword and good topics to your website. 

Manage Unsubscribe

Subscribers must have a choice of either staying or leaving your mailing list. The unsubscribe link is regulated by email spam laws set in different countries around the world. 

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